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Optimizing Using Linked In Part 1

Linked in launched in 2003 as a social media platform dedicated to business endeavors and employment interactions. It has become a vital tool to all professionals whether you are seeking a new position or simply networking.

How it works:

First, you will need to create a profile. This profile should include a professional photo and bio complete with your professional history.

Second, begin to grow your network through connections. Connections are just what they sound like, you want to find individuals to connect with. Connections can be found by utilizing the search engine and typing in keywords. Those keywords are typically something with similarities in common with yourself i.e. Colleges attended, location, career goals, small businesses. Once you have located potential connections, select connect, and wait for the person to grant you permission! It’s really that simple.

Third, foster your connections. Connections are like relationships, if you aren’t keeping in touch, you will not achieve the desired result. You can foster your connections by posting into the main feed. Your posts can be an announcement, new photo, stating your intentions i.e. “Looking for a new position in the cyber world” or simply just saying hi. This is an excellent way to keep your connections interested in keeping the connection with you.

A few additional tips:

Join Groups: LinkedIn has a large selection of groups to join in many different categories. For example, let’s say you enjoy cooking or are looking for positions in culinary arts, you can select groups that fit this interest and attain contacts in this group. This can be extremely beneficial to networking and obtaining the type of contacts you desire.

Update your profile regularly: Updating your profile is critical to keep your contacts interested in you. You should update your profile at the very least quarterly, with new relevant information.

Hashtags: Utilize hashtags when posting! Hashtags allow your content to be found by the right people in a shorter period. As we used the cooking analogy earlier, try using the hashtag #cooking, #culinary or simple hashtags from the information your posting.

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