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Are you virtual enough?

In this new job market, you have to ask yourself are you virtual enough? Most of us are from a time where you needed to attend career fairs or sit for multiple interviews. I remember once I had a Four hour interview, with three different managers and eventually a president in one day. Boy was that rough (got the job however lol)! But covid has changed everything! The majority of everything became virtual during covid out of necessity. Employment is no different, sure there is still a need for some of the older ways, face to face conversations, networking etc. Nonetheless, the transition has taken place and we must move with the times. So as yourself are you virtual enough? What does that even mean ?

Being virtual, can actually mean a lot of different things? It's far more than just saying yes I have a Facebook account! It can mean having the right accounts with the right media platforms, it can mean having a great profile, or more importantly the ability to navigate these media platforms. The ability to navigate can make all the difference when attempting to find employment. It's far more than just posting something and then waiting for some employer to notice you and offer you a job. You'll find that navigating the virtual world, still has some similarities to pre-covid times where you actually had to pick up a phone and call someone! Now it's about making the right connections, posting the right materials, and messaging someone. These maneuvers are what it takes to survive in this crazy virtual market.

Check your equipment! This doesn't mean to go out and purchase a new phone, or tablet etc. Simply put ensure that you can access the virtual tools or social media platforms with your current equipment. For example, most interviews are conducted by Microsoft Zoom or Teams and you will need to be on camera. The last thing you want to do is run around looking for equipment at the last minute lol.

Finally, becoming virtual is daunting but not impossible! You can do this and if you can't "Let us help you"

Virtual Tips

  1. Breathe: Undertaking anything new or unfamiliar can be overwhelming. Becoming or updating your virtual career is no different. So breathe and get ready for the ride!!

  2. Research: Perhaps you're not a fan of social media? That's ok! However, you need to understand that this is the way business is conducted so you must at the very least acknowledge it. Research which platforms fit your needs! For example, there is a major difference between LinkedIn and Instagram. Business is conducted on both platforms but Instagram is more social, whereas LinkedIn is more professional. Determine which best suits you!

  3. Create an account: Now this is for you youngsters, be careful what user name you choose. Again, if we're creating a new or renovating our virtual life for a new career, we have to choose wisely. In most cases, the first thing a employer will see, is your user name. You don't want them to see "letsgetothemoney4566" as they're first impression of you. Choose something that is simple, elegant, and exclusive to you. Be sure that it something that you can remember because you would be surprised how many times you may be asked "What's your instagram or what's your LinkedIn?"

  4. Posting: Be diligent in posting! You must post to remain relevant. Social media is constantly evolving and you must post in order to stay in the ecosystem. Remember, the purpose of posting is to get noticed by employers. So ensure that your posts are professional and relevant. Be sure that your tone is not overly aggressive or "woah is me" stay positive!

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