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Chronological Resume

The Chronological Resume is the traditional resume structure, which is also known as the reverse-chronological resume, as it refers to the manner in which the work experience is listed, starting from the most recent position and working backwards.

Employers generally like the chronological resume format because it is the easiest to skim read and offers the information that they’re looking for in a straightforward layout. It provides an overview of your career history, showing your progression and highlighting accomplishments throughout.

The main body of the chronological resume is made up of a timeline of work experience of each candidate, wherein it is useful to detail the responsibilities and achievements of each position.

The chronological resume structure usually includes an objective or summary statement to begin with and follows with the reverse chronological list of positions held and respective details and finally also includes the academic career of each candidate.

Chronological resumes are excellent resources for job applications for candidates with an obvious vertical career path, for those who have lots of experience in a certain area or expertise in a specific field or industry and wish to progress in that same discipline.


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