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Our Services

Initial Consultation 

The initial consultation is a 15 minute discovery session. This session is utilized to determine the need and describe the services available. The initial consultation is FREE. 

Active Duty Career Transition to Civilian Career Consultation

The transition to civilian life can be daunting. Let us help you succeed. The transition consultation will determine which services are needed and will offer transition advice. The consultation is 30 minutes and is FREE. 

Resume Creation 

Whether it's a federal, functional, or chronological resume we can help. We will give you a complete resume based on your career history and language that will make a statement to the potential employer. 


"Let us help you achieve your dreams"

Career Advising 

Stuck in a rut? Ready to do something else? Let us help you! During our session, we will assess your employment desires along with your skills, to develop a path to your next exciting career. 


Interviewing Skills Training 

The job interview process can be overwhelming, however along with networking it's a skill we all need. Let us show you the tricks of trade to mastering this skill. 

Student Interviewing

Networking Skills Training 

High School, Undergrad, or Grad Students it doesn't matter, these critical skills are necessary for success at all levels. This catered skills session will help you get a head start on your careers. 

 Interactive Series 

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