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Networking 101 

Networking is critical no matter where you are in your career. Networking is more than just connections, it's learning new things, new opportunities, and gaining insight. It can be difficult, but we can help you improve in this area with our networking training. 

Networking Today 

Networking today takes place in many different forms. Virtual networking has become the foremost way of  meeting new people, potential employers, and gaining insight into new companies and organizations. As such, we must develop the right skills to develop long lasting relationships and introductions to new members of the online community. 

Networking Skills

Important skills for networking are

  • Communication Skills: The ability to communicate with others is the most important skill to nourish. It is important that others understand our intentions and what we hope to gain from networking. Pay attention to your tone of voice, language utilized, and the way you convey information. 

  • Active Listening: This is another critical skill to hone. Remember networking is not just one sided, it is a give and take relationship. The point of networking is to gain new alliances for current or future opportunities. Be sure to offer your full attention when someone is speaking and attention to detail when receive emails or online messages. 

  • Be Prepared: When you network, you network with intentions! Were attempting to make new alliances for future opportunities or were attempting to find a new position, or perhaps promote a business. Either way, when an opportunity presents itself we have to be prepared to strike. Ensure that your resume is ready to be distributed at a moments notice, interviews can take place on the spot, be ready for an interview by researching the potential opportunity beforehand. "Be ready so you don't have to get ready!" 

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